The solution:
take hunger off the table.

Moisson Sud-Ouest carries out its daily operations in a building that has unfortunately reached capacity in terms of space. The Salaberry-de-Valleyfield warehouse is in poor shape and does not have the space to store enough food for the families in need.

Moisson Sud-Ouest is currently renting another warehouse in Beauharnois, but this does not provide a long-term solution. The need for food continues to grow according to the Banques alimentaires Québec.

Many short term investments are required to purchase a new warehouse as well as the equipment necessary for the organization to function properly and be able to adequately handle the volume of food coming in.


Because you can

Help Moisson Sud-Ouest supply more food to its 82 partner organizations and bring some new organizations to the table.

Enable families in our community including hundreds of children to satisfy their hunger.

Contribute to your community by helping those in need while preventing food waste.

Invest in a sustainable project and ensure the long term continuity of an essential service in our area.

Mobilization and fundraising campaign. Objective: 1 million

With this campaign we can :


Partenaire ambassadeur

« J’ai personnellement choisi de m’impliquer comme ambassadeur de cette campagne majeure puisqu’il m’est inconcevable que des individus et des familles ne mangent pas quotidiennement à leur faim dans notre communauté. Si par mon implication je peux personnellement et professionnellement faire une différence, je réponds présent sans hésitation! Desjardins a toujours apporté son soutien aux banques alimentaires et une fois de plus, cette contribution corporative nous permettra d’arriver à nos faims. »

Gino NapoleoniCampivallensien, Directeur général de la Caisse Desjardins de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield et ambassadeur de la campagne majeure

Your donation can make all the difference!